Here’s my entry for this week’s Diva Challenge featuring ledezner’s  tuxedo tangle. This pattern really made my noggin hurt as I tried to use it. Sadly, when it comes to intricate patterns like this one, I want to make it perfect, and then bounce around with it, but most of my attempts at doing this tangle just crapped out, or when I was done with the framework of the pattern, I was afraid to embellish it, because I didn’t want to ruin it. 

I went with a simple flourish of the two dot pattern in the circles and nothing in the diamonds. A really creative string created an opportunity to play with vortex and stircles tangles that I’ve wanted to use for some time. I really enjoyed the shading that occured in the vortex, and then I had a blast with the side.

This has been a slammed week for me, and I didn’t get much accomplished in my sketch book. However, I consciously sat down to do this drawing as a meditative practice and, wow, I feel much more relaxed that I was earlier today. Furthermore, I saw one of the “Hansian” structures, as I’ve started to call them, appear on my page again! I haven’t drawn one in a while and I’m looking forward to the next time one of late friend’s doodle styles makes a cameo in my pieces.

20130403-175433.jpgAnyway, thanks for checking out the site!

-The Mannimal



Quadrachromatic Monotangle!

So here’s my Diva Challenge entry!

This is one of my favorite tangle patterns. I found it early and employ it regularly in my designs. I have a feeling it is because of my respect for its inspiration. I love Mucha’s style and my life has been spent with tons if his work around me. Only thing missing from my success

I had a great time drawing this last night and and this morning as I woke up, I didn’t like it at all. No shading at all can make this pattern too much in distinguishable lines for the eyes. Once I added a bit of lead to it for shading, it looked great, but the lack of variance in shape and pattern required I take another element of art into account. Adding color yielded great results.


This isn’t the first time I’ve mono tangled with Mooka. Here is my first polished Monotangle of Mooka. Probably won’t be my last.



Here’s a study of the pattern on a notecard:

And it turned into this:


The Mannimal