Zendala Dare #50



Quadrachromatic Monotangle!

So here’s my Diva Challenge entry!

This is one of my favorite tangle patterns. I found it early and employ it regularly in my designs. I have a feeling it is because of my respect for its inspiration. I love Mucha’s style and my life has been spent with tons if his work around me. Only thing missing from my success

I had a great time drawing this last night and and this morning as I woke up, I didn’t like it at all. No shading at all can make this pattern too much in distinguishable lines for the eyes. Once I added a bit of lead to it for shading, it looked great, but the lack of variance in shape and pattern required I take another element of art into account. Adding color yielded great results.


This isn’t the first time I’ve mono tangled with Mooka. Here is my first polished Monotangle of Mooka. Probably won’t be my last.



Here’s a study of the pattern on a notecard:

And it turned into this:


The Mannimal

Mannimal Mask #1

So, I couldn’t just live with the purple zendala as my Thinking Out of the Box concept.

I’ve been a mask maker now for several years, I first learned how to make masks when I decided I would make my own so I could hide amongst the weirdness at Oregon Country Fair four years ago. I love costuming, and I thought this would be a fun project. And boy did it! Now I have a collection of masks that I’ve made for myself and my partner as well as headwraps and other small minutiae. A few days ago, I thought about throwing some tangles on my masks and then I remembered I had a precut mask that only needed shaping. I quickly through some designs on but I made a horrible mistake and I put it aside. So now, after my earlier post on iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com weekly challenge, I felt I should really take the time to pull the mask back out and try again. I’m still not terribly pleased with the entry, and might do a little leather working and put a better mask up on this post before Saturday Night, but hey, here’s what I’ve got so far!

First chance to try tangles on a mask. I plan on making more of them.

First chance to try tangles on a mask. I plan on making more of them.

Zendala dare!

So this is this week’s zendala dare over at The Bright Owl. To mix things up, I added some purple into the mix. I haven’t employed color yet, and thought what the heck?


Also, here is a display of last week and this weeks zendala assignment from my art class students!