About The Mannimal

I’m Manny Guendulay, or The Mannimal. 598602_4422249788386_1455410889_nA native Louisiana boy, I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2008.

I’m constantly told that I’m a Jack of All Trades. And that really isn’t the case, I discovered a while back that I was highly adaptable, and could nearly teach myself nearly anything, as long as I took the time to learn it (cue the high adaptability). Professionally, it might be a nightmare, but as an artist, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed my journey so far.

Name a medium, and I’ve explored it, though I might have been limited by technology, resources or simply self management at the time.

I learned a long time ago that writing was the first thing I could teach myself to improve upon, but I think my problem with honing my writing skills is simply time. Time to write, time to practice writing, time to edit, and the most important – time for other people to read and critique your work.

While I love expression in so many forms, Fire and Movement might be my favorite.

While I love expression in so many forms, Fire and Movement might be my favorite.

During one of the darkest falls and winters of my life, I found light through teaching myself the basics of object manipulation, dancing with poi. While I played with glow toys for the longest time, I eventually became a fire dancer. I joined a troupe and learned how to not only spin poi, but contact staff, and rope dart.

In contrast to the written form, the visual /performance realm is completely different, while compositions take time, and it takes time to hone your craft, the reception is nearly instantaneous.

While I was learning to dance, I also tried painting a little bit. I had painted models for a game that I used to play, and decided to actually try some “high art” and I really enjoyed it, but I still had a lot to learn about visual arts before I took anymore time behind an easel.

Anticipation in Blue, my second painting.

Anticipation in Blue, my second painting. 2010.

After a year of playing with fire, I started to go to Music Festivals. I even built a fire installation for a few shows that made fire dance to music. But while I enjoyed the music, the people, the dancing, and the performances, costuming started to take control of me. My second job ever was working in a costume shop, and I loved it.

Hippity Hoppity! I love to costume!

Hippity Hoppity! I love to costume!

Now with the festival/electronic music scene in the PacNW, I had a chance to wear costumes all the time. I currently go to at least one costume party a month, and feel bad if that number isn’t higher.

As for my doodling, I discovered Zentangle in mid February of 2013 after a student of mine, (I’m currently a middle school teacher), showed me the style. I quickly was transfixed and currently use Zentangle in my classroom. Next month I will teach an Introduction the Artistic Concepts and Design and I plan on using Zentangle as my medium to show kids not only elements of art such as Line, Shape, Color, Form, etc… but also how to use them in conjunction to produce great designs.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell.


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