Seven pointed star

Note: This is my first pretangle as I’m going to call it! I first entered it a week ago! I made another tonight and added it below.

A friend is moving to Austin and another friend threw her a crafter noon going away party. I saw so many if my cool friends, 60% burner campmates, and got to share my craft with them, meanwhile I got to see so many new ideas!

I gave my first full-sized sketch to the departee, and it was well received.

The thing that I loved the most about this gift was that I was able to work on it from inception to finish before the afternoon was over and deliver the present to her.

The piece was inspired by a friend who is a Buddhist monk and religion teacher. He told me about this shape yesterday, and I had to do something with it. I really love how your brain doesn’t know how to perceive this shape, as it wants to see a six sided star or an 8! There will be more!


Here is the new drawing on 4/15/13:



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