Quadrachromatic Monotangle!

So here’s my Diva Challenge entry!

This is one of my favorite tangle patterns. I found it early and employ it regularly in my designs. I have a feeling it is because of my respect for its inspiration. I love Mucha’s style and my life has been spent with tons if his work around me. Only thing missing from my success

I had a great time drawing this last night and and this morning as I woke up, I didn’t like it at all. No shading at all can make this pattern too much in distinguishable lines for the eyes. Once I added a bit of lead to it for shading, it looked great, but the lack of variance in shape and pattern required I take another element of art into account. Adding color yielded great results.


This isn’t the first time I’ve mono tangled with Mooka. Here is my first polished Monotangle of Mooka. Probably won’t be my last.



Here’s a study of the pattern on a notecard:

And it turned into this:


The Mannimal


12 thoughts on “Quadrachromatic Monotangle!

  1. I like the squiggliness… I get caught up in the beautiful smooth arching curves that usually come with Mooka, but the squiggly shapes work quite well! Totally different look. That second one reminds me a lot of early spring flowers, tulips, daffodils etc. Great work.

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