Mannimal Mask #1

So, I couldn’t just live with the purple zendala as my Thinking Out of the Box concept.

I’ve been a mask maker now for several years, I first learned how to make masks when I decided I would make my own so I could hide amongst the weirdness at Oregon Country Fair four years ago. I love costuming, and I thought this would be a fun project. And boy did it! Now I have a collection of masks that I’ve made for myself and my partner as well as headwraps and other small minutiae. A few days ago, I thought about throwing some tangles on my masks and then I remembered I had a precut mask that only needed shaping. I quickly through some designs on but I made a horrible mistake and I put it aside. So now, after my earlier post on weekly challenge, I felt I should really take the time to pull the mask back out and try again. I’m still not terribly pleased with the entry, and might do a little leather working and put a better mask up on this post before Saturday Night, but hey, here’s what I’ve got so far!

First chance to try tangles on a mask. I plan on making more of them.

First chance to try tangles on a mask. I plan on making more of them.


10 thoughts on “Mannimal Mask #1

    • It’s actually a little small. I taught my 8th graders how to make them and this guy got cut out of the hide, but no one wanted him. It would fit a teenager perfectly. Normally I would say that it would fit a petite woman, but the mask is undeniably masculine.

  1. I love the mask! I bet my son would love to wear it. Great second entry, and it goes to show you can tangle anything.

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